The SESAR Integrated Airport Operations (IAO) project is a Very Large Scale Demonstration (VLD). Its aim is to show the benefits of Air Traffic Management (ATM) solutions developed in SESAR 1 in an operational environment and to ease their industrial deployment. The project takes place in the framework of the SESAR 2020 Multi-annual Work Programme set up to prepare airports for the challenges of the future.

IAO consists of four demonstrations: one on-board exercise and three at the airports of Nice, Budapest, and Hamburg. In those demonstrations IAO will cover ATM solutions in the area of:

  • Pre-Departure Sequencing,
  • Routing and planning functions for controllers,
  • Airport safety nets for controllers, and
  • On-board traffic alerts.

The new SESAR solutions will assist air traffic controllers in their duty to safely guide aircraft at the airport while also assisting flight crews in navigating safely on the ground.