Demonstration Site

Besides Nice and Budapest, Hamburg Airport is one of the demonstration sites within the IAO project. With its crossing runway system Hamburg airport holds special challenges for the integration and demonstration of the selected solutions from SESAR.

Flughafen Hamburg und Tower

Partners Involved

The German Aerospace Center (DLR) provides the connection to the live data systems as well as the demonstration facilities at Hamburg Airport. For test purposes, a duplicate of the data system is also available in Braunschweig.ย SINTEF ASย from Norway brings in an industrial routing optimization library that assists Air Traffic Controllers by providing optimized conflict-free surface routing. It is integrated in the Departure Management and helps handling deviations from plans in real time.

Content of the Demo

The Hamburg demonstration will present optimized taxi routes. It will show how the optimization engine generates and maintains in real time a detailed surface routing plan with time estimates (trajectories) for all included flights in the planning horizon, thereby optimizing taxi-times and departure times. If the system is given a pre-departure sequence with target times, the optimization engine calculates optimized surface trajectories and proposes a better sequence and/or better target times where suitable. Changes in departure sequence and target time that are communicated to the optimization engine invoke a routing plan update in real time.

With this, the Hamburg demonstration will cover the following SESAR solutions:

Demonstration Setup

The Exercises will be carried out at Hamburg Airport. A dedicated platform called ARIF Hamburg (Airport Research and Innovation Facility) will be used. It is operated jointly by DLR, the German ANSP DFS and Hamburg Airport since 2005. During this time it was already used for development and demonstration in various projects. As an intermediate layer the ARIF will connect the operational systems of the airport and air traffic control with the IAO demonstration system.

Airport 2030
ARIF set up [Copyright: DLR]

Before going live in Hamburg, a test environment connected via a network at DLR and SINTEF premises in Braunschweig and Oslo will be used to prepare the demonstrations.It enables the evaluation of available data and the tuning and adaptation of the systems to the Hamburg Airport characteristics. By replaying real data using the same interfaces and protocols as in real operation, it provides a close-to-reality testing environment and allows a seamless switch from preparation to demonstration.

Test platform Hamburg Airport
Test Environment in Braunschweig (Copyright: DLR)
Optimization Algorithm Tool [Copyright: SINTEF]